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Information for Owners of Previous Editions

Every new edition of the manual has the following changes from older editions:

  1. All errata as of the day of its release are incorporated.
  2. Coverage of topics may be expanded based on student reports from exams.
  3. Changes are continually made in response to student questions. When a student indicates that they didn't understand a solution to an exercise, I often expand that solution.
These types of changes are not available in supplements. Thus if you do not own an old edition of a manual, you may want to consider buying a new edition rather than a used one.

However, to the extent a syllabus has not changed, old editions should be adequate. Here is guidance to owners of old editions as to whether they need a supplement or a new manual:

  • For P, current edition for Spring 2022 is 3rd edition 4th printing. The 3rd edition incorporates solutions to the additional SOA sample questions added over the last few years.

  • For IFM, current edition for Spring 2022 is 1st edition 6th printing.

  • For LTAM, current edition for Spring 2022 is 3rd edition 2nd printing. The 3rd updated the mortality estimation section to correspond with the textbook change.

  • For MAS-I, current edition for Spring 2022 is the 2nd edition 2nd printing. Old CAS exam questions no longer on the web were incorporated into this edition. Any printing of the 1st edition may be used, but the references to pre-2011 old CAS exam questions would not be usable.

  • For MAS-II, current edition for Spring 2022 is the 3rd edition 2nd printing. The lesson on principal components was rewritten. A new case study was added. You may use the 2nd edition, but questions based on the Fall 2019 CAS exam case study will not be usable since the CAS removed that case study from the web. There were significant syllabus changes since the 1st edition due to the release of the new edition of Statistical Rethinking, so the 1st edition is not recommended.

  • For SRM, current edition for Spring 2022 is 2nd edition 3rd printing. Relevant released questions from recent CAS MAS-I and MAS-II exams were added for this edition, making it 58 pages longer than the 1st edition. But the 1st edition can still be used.

  • For STAM, current edition for Spring 2022 is 3rd edition 2nd printing. Relevant questions from CAS Exam 3 given in 2005 and 2006, which were recently removed from the CAS website, were added to this edition. But the 1st and 2nd editions can still be used; you will just not be able to take advantage of the references to those questions given at the ends of lessons.